About Our Library

In the Library Media Center we offer each student access to a variety of materials for both personal and educational needs. Our program is fully integrated with the English curriculum, which means every year each student receives formal information literacy and bibliographic instruction from the certified media specialist; this prepares students not only for college but also for making educated decisions concerning information.  We provide valuable, quality service to RV's students who are our first priority and are encouraged to be lifelong learners.

  • Stewardship:  the preservation & care of the human record
  • Service:  professional & philanthropic, dedicated to human advancement
  • Intellectual Freedom:  resist censorship, grant materials available
  • Privacy: ensure confidentiality
  • Rationalism:  organize materials in a logical manner; apply rationalism to procedures
  • Commitment to Literacy & Learning: encourage lifelong learning & provide literacy education
  • Equity of Access:  ensure access, overcome barriers to use
  • Democracy:  maintain democratic values, participate in educational process
"Literacy is a lifelong process of gaining increasing skills in interacting with and creating complex texts. It is not a matter of books versus computers. An illiterate with a computer is no better than an illiterate with a book. A person can Google his or her way through life and call it 'research', but it is a pale shadow of an educated mind--the ability to READ, UNDERSTAND, and derive knowledge from COMPLEX TEXTS."
~Michael Gorman, Former ALA President