Databases A-Z

African-American History Online 1000's of cross-referenced articles, covering African-American history over the past 500 years.
American History Online A collection of books, primary sources, and images covering our nation's history.
American Indian History Online Covers over 600 Native American groups and more than 15,000 years of American Indian culture and history.
Ancient & Medieval History Online Presents the full scope of world history from prehistory to the 1500s, with special topcia centers on key civilizations & regions.
Biography in Context Provides information on people from magazines, journals, & multimedia sources.
Bloom's Literature Examines great writers, important works, characters, literary movements & events.  Plus full-text classics! 
Britannica Online This traditional encyclopedia in an online format is a reliable reference source covering all areas of knowledge.  
Culturegrams Concise, up-to-date cultural content on the world's countries.
Curriculum Resource Center Provides printable teacher materials for use in the history, math & science curricula.
EbscoHost Provides full-text articles from thousands of magazines, academic journals, newspapers, & reference sources.
Ferguson's Career Guidance Profiles over 3,400 jobs & advice on career skills, with a personality inventory.
Gale Literary Index An Index to Gale's literary sources.
Global Issues in Context Updated daily, provides global news & country information from a variety of source types.
Health Reference Center Contains information on health, diseases, and the human body.
History Research Center Searches multiple historical databases simultaneously.
Issues and Controversies Provides unbiased analysis of hundreds of current social issues.
Issues and Controversies in American History Explores how historical events have shaped our nation, the key players & the battles they fought.
Literary Reference Center Exmaines great writers, important works, characters, literary movements & events.  Plus full-text classics! 
Modern World History Online Covers world history from mid-15th century to the present with documents, articles, timelines, images, videos & maps.
Novelist Provides information on fiction, including reviews, summaries, and read-alikes.
Opposing Viewpoints A resource for debates and pro/con viewpoints using a multitude of source types.      
Science Online Scientific disciplines presented through essays, videos, diagrams, biographies, & experiments.
SIRS Current controversial issues discussed in a wide variety of source types.