Thesis Statement Worksheet

Developing Your Thesis


Step 1. Topic: What is your topic?

Step 2. Background Reading: Read and explore background knowledge pertaining to your topic. A reference source such as an encyclopedia will provide an overview of the topic.

Step 3. Focus: Based on your reading, what idea do you plan to argue/develop in your paper?

      Step 4. Research Questions:

           What questions come to mind after reading about your topic?

           What questions must be answered in order to argue/develop the     central idea of your paper?

Step 5. Supporting Claims: What claims will you use to prove/support your focus? These statements will help you narrow your search for specific evidence from various information sources. (Change research questions into statements.)

Step 6. Thesis statement: What is the specific idea you are developing in your paper? Once you have completed your research and determined the order of your information, transform your focus into a formal thesis statement.